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Wedding Ceremony and Feast

Join us to participate in the guaranteed original Amish Wedding Tour, designed to give you insights into the fascinating wedding traditions of the Amish, rarely experienced by the rest of us.

Countryside Tour Our certified guide will step on your bus to travel the back roads and relate the unique wedding customs observed by the Lancaster Amish, with a stop at a roadside stand, bake or crafts shop, or Amish farm. You will learn about courtship, the wedding preparations and church service, and the “honeymooning” Amish-style that follows.

Jacob’s Choice Enjoy the Amish Experience Theater’s presentation of “Jacob’s Choice,” as we follow an Amish boy’s struggle with his family and his girlfriend during his courting years.

Wedding Ceremony Everyone will participate as we re-enact the Amish wedding vows right in the Amish Country Homestead. Pick the “side-sitters” and the couple to be married. The “newlyweds” receive a wedding “certificate.” (We can even put their names on the wedding cake with advance notice!) Of course, everyone will receive a surprise Amish made “wedding gift” to take home!

Special Wedding Feast Then, enjoy a specially prepared table setting and all-you-can-eat dinner at Plain & Fancy Farm, where we’ll not forget the wedding cake.

The Wedding Feast Menu

  • Tables decorated with Celery Flowered Centerpiece
  • Baked Lancaster County Ham with Cider Sauce
  • Amish Wedding Chicken Filling
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Dried Sweet Corn
  • Traditional Creamed Celery
  • Pepper Cabbage
  • Applesauce
  • Breads with Apple Butter
  • Coffee, Hot Tea, Water, Lemonade
  • Shoofly Pie, Apple Dumplings, Ice Cream
  • Nuts & Candy
  • Decorated Wedding Cake
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