Group VIP (Visit-inPerson)

VIP (Visit-in-Person) GROUP TOUR - "Home, Farm, and School"

The only designated group Heritage Tour in Lancaster County!

Our widely acclaimed retail version of the VIP Tour is limited to 14 people on a small mini-coach, but we received so many requests for a group version that we simply had to come up with something as special as the original! Here is a variation, affording an entire group with the opportunity to meet and talk one-on-one with three different members of the Amish community... truly a very special experience. A certified Amish Country Tour guide leads this adventure to another culture. Available only in the afternoon. Note: Reserve early so that we can be sure our Amish neighbors are available for your requested date and time.

Stop #1: At Home The exclusive presentation by one of our Amish friends, in his home, gives the group a unique opportunity to interact with a member of the local community. Your Amish host explains what it is like being Amish, and offers insight into the “running around” time for Amish teenagers known as rumspringa, and other questions your group may have about growing up Amish.

Stop #2: On the FarmThe Amish dairy farmer’s presentation is always a highlight, with your group visiting an authentic, working Amish family farm for a tour with the farmer himself. You discover how an Amish dairy farm operates – you may be surprised to learn cows aren’t milked by hand, but with “Amish electricity!”

Stop #3: School Days Since we can’t visit a real Amish school, we do the next best thing… We visit with a real Amish schoolteacher. Your group meets with the school marm in the Amish Country Homestead, where she talks about daily life for an Amish child at school, and what it’s like teaching eight grades in one room! Everyone takes home a real Amish report card.

Stop #4: Family-Style Dinner. After meeting the Amish, it's time for a traditional all-you-can-eat Amish feast, including many local specialties. In most cases, depending on the time, the Amish schoolteacher will even join the group for dinner!

We recommend the Amish Experience Theater presentation of “Jacob’s Choice” as an excellent introduction to your VIP experience. You can be assured that your day of Amish visits will be long remembered.

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