Quest for Freedom

Quest for Freedom Tour

This Amish Experience-only tour combines the Civil War’s Underground Railroad and the Amish culture, all into a singular moving and memorable experience.

Underground Railroad Encounter Visitors are often unaware of the importance Lancaster County played in helping those enslaved escape from their “masters” in pre-Civil War America. As your bus travels the back roads, we will pick up one of the "conductors" along the road, as we travel to the time of the Underground Railroad over 150 years ago. We'll then travel to a "safe house" to talk personally with one of the free African Americans, and learn how they helped others on their quest for freedom. The emotional portrayal by a local actor is an experience that both enlightens and inspires.

The Amish Experience The second half of this tour has your step-on guide taking you on a drive through the farmlands, touring the nine-room Amish Country Homestead and Schoolroom, and then introducing you to the dramatic Amish Experience Theater presentation of "Jacob's Choice," the story of an even earlier quest for freedom that brought those suffering religious persecution to America.

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