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The Old and the Moo

Offer your group a brand MOO experience!

Discover in two very different settings how milk reaches your table from the source --- cows! You'll be amazed by what you didn’t know and by what you see. It's yet another exclusive Amish Experience tour that is great for adults, educational for students, and always fun for everyone, as you visit two family-owned operating dairy farms, contrasting Amish and non-Amish milk production.

Cow Stop #1: Amish Dairy Farm We've made special arrangements with an Amish farmer to personally conduct a tour of his farm for us. See how the cows are milked mechanically and the milk kept cool with unplugged "Amish electricity." Visit some of the other farm buildings, see the animals, and take advantage of the unique opportunity to talk with an Amish farmer.

Cow Stop #2: Kreider's or Oregon Dairy Farm See what it is like to own and operate a large dairy farm and take the tractor pulled wagon tour at Oregon Dairy or stay on your bus for a tour of Kreider Farms. At both location, you’ll go right through the big barn and see how cows are milked by machine automatically. See the cow carousel where over 1,500 cows are milked continuously at Kreider’s, or pet a calf and learn about green technology at Oregon Dairy. At both farms, you’ll get an ice cream sample, of course!

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