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Enhance your group’s dining experience while you’re here, by adding one of the following activities to your Family-Style meal...

  • NEW for 2016 - "Artist in an Hour” – Anyone can be an artist, if given the right materials and proper instruction.  Let our resident artist, Elva Hurst, walk you through the steps of creating your Lancaster County farm scene using chalk pastels.  You’ll be amazed at your own hidden talent as Elva guides you through the use of colors and blending to create your own original work of art!  In just one hour each group guest will have created their own pastel artwork, ready to be taken home and enjoyed long after their Lancaster County trip is over.  Pair this unique activity with a delicious all-you-can-eat family-style meal at Plain & Fancy Farm for a hands-on activity that will bring out the artist in everyone!

  • “Chalk Talk” – Engage your senses through music, storytelling, and the amazing chalk artistry of a former Old Order Mennonite woman who offers insights into Amish culture with a story that comes to life, and light up before your eyes.

    Don't miss our latest chalk talk presentation ~ The Amish Wedding – Hear Elva’s personal story of one special summer spent on her family’s farm as a young girl, hosting friends and family for her older sister’s wedding. By incorporating personal stories from all walks of the Amish and Mennonite faiths, you’ll come away with a true understanding and appreciation of the Amish wedding celebration. Join in the love, laughter, and faith that bring these tight-knit communities together at… Amish Wedding. Followed by a Traditional Amish Wedding Feast.

  • “Amish Farm Funnies” with Josiah Hurst – Tickle your funny bone and warm your heart as our resident artist Josiah Hurst creates a large, and detailed cartoon mural, while telling stories about the joys, hardships, and hilarities that surround the Plain People of Lancaster County growing up on the farm. Josiah’s stories come straight from personal experience, as well as family stories carried down through the generations. After the story-telling and mural drawing is done, Josiah will pull a few group members from the audience and do funny farm-inspired caricature drawings of them, which they may keep. A fantastic time is sure to be had by all!
  • “Bizarre Foods of Lancaster County” – This unique experience is like nothing your group has done before. For a minimal fee, your group will explore the many unusual and intriguing foods that PA Dutch Country is home to. From the truly bizarre to the absolutely delicious, everyone will come away with a true appreciation of the foods of the Plain People. Join us….if you dare!
  • Add a sweet treat from our bakery – Consider including an individually-wrapped fresh baked loaf of Iced Raisin Bread for each member of your group. Take it home, or eat it on the way – it’s up to you!

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