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Amish Aquaponics – Farm of the Future

"Quite possibly the most mind-blowing Amish encounter you will ever have!"

Here is a tour that is truly unique . – No horses, no tractors, no soil… no kidding! Visit an Amish farmer who grows lettuce in the air and a dairy farmer with “Amish electricity.”

A "futuristic farmer" who happens to be Amish is your host. In his greenhouse, see Boston Bibb Lettuce growing "in the air" on tall revolving towers producing over 2,500 heads a week. It's an amazing story your group hears visiting this unique location on this private tour, exclusive to the Amish Experience.

Equally fascinating is your visit to an Amish dairy farm, where your host explains how he milks cows with "Amish electricity." Traveling through spectacular farmland panoramas, our certified guide imparts insights into Amish culture all along the way.

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