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Amish Farmlands Tour

Combine both the theater and the homestead with a tour of the farmlands for the total Amish Experience. With your certified step-on guide, journey deep into the heart of the oldest Amish community in the world, as well as some of the most beautiful farmland you’ll ever set eyes upon. These are the same fertile fields that had attracted and have kept our Amish neighbors here for over 250 years. Our Amish Country Tours guide answers your questions while calling your attention to the fascinating activities we may observe on any given day.

As you travel down out-of-the-way back roads and country lanes, you'll experience a new sense of the work and family ethics that continues to mark the Amish way of life. You'll see one room school houses like the one where Jacob and his younger siblings learned their "English" subjects. You'll witness spectacular panoramas of patchwork farmland that are unparalleled in their intrinsic beauty, all farmed with horses and mules rather than tractors and combines.

Roadside stands, bake shops, or a visit to a craft or quilt shop on an Amish farm are among the unique stops that can be made, tailored to the group’s interests.

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